Sunday, August 21, 2011

My favorite weapon in Fable III so far

The Scimitar of Baron Slaying +3

Best part are the augments:

Know-It-All     Learn all the rules. Even the really obscure ones.  +30% Sense of Self-Importance.
Space Geek     Memorise quotes from fictional science plays.      +90% Damage vs Space Elves
Oh, The Irony  Try desperately hard to make fun of stereotypes. -50% Self Awareness.

Stuff I've Been Playing

Oh, blog... I owe you a post. After all these weeks (months even!) of neglect it should be the best post ever, crafted with love and attention and care.

But that's not what you get.

Instead you get a hella weak "what I've been playing" post because I'm tired and I want to make sure I write something even if it's not very substantial.

So if you're still with me, here it is:

  • Fable III - those of you following me on twitter or FB have already heard a few things about this. I'm having fun with it but it's incredibly buggy (always rage inducing for me as it feels like work has followed me home or something) and I think there are some significant flaws in the writing. The "non-menu" menu system is interesting and not quite as annoying as I'd feared. However, if their purpose was immersion, their little popups telling you where you rank in comparison to your Xbox Live friends definitely undermine it.
  • Bastion - sadly I've only played a few hours of this. It's a clever and beautiful little game and lack of time and energy to devote to it have caused me to neglect it even though it may be one of the best games in my collection that I haven't already played (yes, I know, why am I playing Fable III instead? Because when tired and stressed, I'll go for the familiar and mindless every time.)
  • I had a brief fling with Kingdom Rush (and by brief fling, I mean I played it endlessly and obsessively for about 3 days straight and haven't touched it since). I blame Felicia Day.
  • Terraria - I plan to go back to this one. It's fun and mindless, the sort of game I can play while listening to an audiobook or something (ie, my idea of the perfect escape).
I won't promise that the next post will have more substance than this but I do intend to write more frequently than I have been. New job and all, my brain's been kinda eaten by that.

Oh, also, if you have any interest in working in the industry, you should read The Trenches