Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Electronic Entertainment Expo

I'm going to E3 next week for the first time. I'm pretty excited about it, though I'm not really sure what to expect. Obviously I'm looking forward to learning about the new Nintendo console. There's apparently going to be some new stuff on Star Wars: the Old Republic, which is a game that I'm pretty excited about (though I do think a Mass Effect MMO would be far more exciting). Also CD Projekt Red (Polish developer of Witcher, a dark RPG I quite enjoyed though sadly never finished) is going to be announcing a new project, which should be interesting. And then there's Bioshock Infinite.

Other than that I'm not sure what to be looking at/looking out for. If you want to, take a look at this exhibitor list and let me know if there's anything you think I should check out. Maybe I'll take my laptop with me and try to do some posts in the evenings, but I'm not going to be approaching this as a blogger primarily - this is as much about work and making connections (that dreaded "networking" thing) as it is anything else.


  1. Atlus! Catherine and The Cursed Crusade are bound to be the big points of their booth. I'm not interested in Cursed Crusade (despite what a big Atlus Fanboy I am), but I'm hoping for a Persona 5 announcement. (O.k. I mainly mention this, cuz I am hoping for info!)

    I expect CD Projekt Red will have console versions of Witcher 2 out there, but that's because Witcher 2 has full support for the 360 controller. Not sure what else they may be announcing. Some are expecting a Witcher 3 announcement, but who knows. I want to play Witcher 1 and 2 at some point.

    Lots of folks are really hoping Microsoft or someone will announce something big for the 360, cuz right now there is very little to be excited about.

    Capcom should be showing off Dragon's Dogma, which is getting a lot of buzz right now, and looks interesting so far.

    And don't forget Skyrim and the Playstation "Vita". Heh.

    They have a bunch about E3 on the current Feedback (on G4TV.com) and there should be more on tomorrow's (Wednesday's) show. I really like Feedback, and I really think they are very entertaining and informative (Adam Sessler is my hero).

    Anyways... I know I'll be keeping an eye out on some of these things.

  2. @moonwhispers: I've been looking at Catherine and I'm afraid it's not doing it for me. The art style is interesting and so is the story but the actual gameplay just doesn't look like my thing. That said, Atlus's booth is definitely worth checking out.

    Of course Skyrim is on my list too, as I'm generally a fan of the Elder Scrolls games (particularly Morrowind).

    Dragon's Dogma does look kind of interesting - I hadn't heard much about it until you mentioned it, but I admit I haven't been following the gaming news as much lately.