Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beat Fez, Now What?

I beat FEZ today. I mean, I finished the game two days ago, but today I really completed it. As in, all achievements unlocked, 209.4% completion, saw the 'all cubes collected' ending. The game sunk its claws into my completionist side and wouldn't let me go until I was done; it also reminded me that I really do like platformers, especially the part that involves searching for and collecting every last little piece.

I find it interesting that one of the puzzles ended up being solved by collaboration. It's a little frustrating that there's no real answer (yet, anyway) as to what it means or if it's just an easter egg, and I'm not sure if I approve of a puzzle that seems to have only been solvable through brute force. It's definitely not the kind of game design I aspire to, anyway - as interesting as it is to see how people worked together to resolve it, I'd prefer for solutions to be something that one can logic through on one's own (and it kind of goes back to what I said in my earlier entry about not requiring mind reading skills of your users).

My initial irritation with the Tetris/code input puzzles (link contains spoilers) faded after I realized a couple of things: a) the thumbstick is strangely more reliable than the d-pad for directional input for them and b) the code isn't actually all that complicated when you stop and think about it. My main remaining frustration with them is that certain ones it's quite difficult to get the right angle to view them correctly (I'm talking about ones that require you to be in NG+).

The entire fabulous game soundtrack is on Youtube, I highly recommend checking it out so I'm helping you out by embedding the playlist:

I'm not sure what to do next now. I'm having some back issues that make sitting at my computer difficult so PC games are probably out, but I have a cold so staying in and playing games the next day or two sounds like a brilliant plan.

These are the options I am considering:
  1. Replay Mass Effect
  2. Finish Dead Space
  3. Finish Red Dead Redemption
  4. Play some other Xbox game
  5. Watch movies/shows

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