Wednesday, January 4, 2012

30 Days Meme: Day 2

30 Days of Video Games, Day 2:
A game I've played through all the way twice

So, there are several games that could qualify for this one, especially if I count games that I've tested. But like I've said before, testing is not playing. Even setting that aside, there are several choices; in the end, I settled on one of my favorites, Mass Effect. Of the two so far, while ME2 had somewhat better mechanics, I think ME1 had a far better and more cohesive story. Of course I had to do at least two playthroughs (and I will probably do a third) for each game, to experience both the Paragon and Renegade storylines. I think Jennifer Hale is awesome and will forever be my Commander Linnea Shepard regardless of the role she's playing.

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